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Our Dances

Here is some of the dances we perform.

Aldborough Plough Lads
Tune - Laughing Plough Lads
Inspiration and the music was brought to us by a local historian Paul Davenport who has been exploring the traditions some thought to have been forgotten. We have taken that tradition making a dance with our own feel and not to mention a dancing musician.

Bourne & Bread
Tune - George Green's College Hornpipe
This 6 person dance was orinially wrote by Bourne Borders by the name of Gingerbread. 

Cuckoo's Nest

Tune - Cuckoos Nest (Rackaback Variation)
This traditionally inspired dance is done in a 4 person set to an adaptation of the tune of the same name.

Days of Truce

Tune - Lasses on Duns
This 8 person dance makes this our largest set dance. This dance was learned from the collaborative Morris team 'Freaks in the Peaks'

Death By Chocolate
Tune - Four Up
An original dance with a sweet theme danced to the only tune the Squire could play at the time from the Morris On albums.

Jolly Roger
Tune - Beltane Mash-up (Our title)
Originally penned by Beltane Border Morris we witnessed this dance on YouTube and are adding this to our repertoire with Beltane's permission.

Maiden's Prayer
Tune - Willam Taylor's Hornpipe
4 person dance learned from Poacher Morris of Lincoln.

Much Wenlock
Tune - Much Wenlock AKA Shropshire Reel
One of our traditional dances as collected in the town of the same name in Shropshire.

Tune - Rattle & Roll
We were lucky enough to have with us our very own pet Boggart who taught us this Boggarts dance before they returned to the wild with Boggart's Breakfast a Sheffield based border morris team.

Tinners Rabbit

Tune - LNB Polka or Uncle Bernards
This dance based on a symbol from Eastern Asia of three rabbits with three ears between them but each with two, (this example From the roof boss of Widecombe church, Devon) which became popular in the tin-mining region of Dartmoor; in its honour, Martin Gosling of Grimspound Morris wrote a suitably three-fold dance.

Tune - Theme Vannetaise
Theme Vannetaise is by the Breton band Tri Yann but is now well known in the Border Morris community as Twiglet after the dance.

Upton Upon Severn Stick Dance

Tune - Upton Upon Severn Stick Dance AKA The Twin Sisters
Chingford Morris deserve an honourable mention for taking this dance from a local tradition of Upton-upon-Severn and giving it more energy. As our numbers were limited we adapted to a four person version of this six person dance and now dance both four and six person versions.