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Meet the Side

Here are some of the team members who make Rackaback what it is today.

Jamie Squire Jamie
Well it started after meeting someone who said "Come and join a Morris Team" and the rest is history. No previous experience but has developed a love of getting involved, in the dance and socially. Even learning the concertina a new interest sparked by the team.
Pam Foreman Pam
Stephen Foreman Stephen
Andrew Band Leader Andrew
A Hull man. Retired from academic life (boring boring!) and relishing the chance to take part on my accordion in the wonderful British Morris tradition kept going, creatively, by the brilliant Rackaback gang.
Alex Alex
Chris Chris
Recently moved to East Yorkshire from East Anglia. Previously danced Cotswold tradition (with Lagabag in Ipswich), but now enjoying the Border dances with Rackaback - more sticks and fewer hankie dances!!
Joel Joel
You'll find me enthusiastically throwing myself into the dances. (still need to get to grips with the bedlam step!) As well as dancing I support the Squire, Foreman and Lead Musician as Bagman.
Keely Keely
Pete Pete
Lacking the discipline to dance in an organised team fashion, I'm a guitaring fraction of the Rackaback band, in those odd moments when I'm not programming web sites.
Rosie Rosie
I have been Morris dancing for Rackaback since September 2013. I love being part of such a supportive and fun group of people. It's given me a whole new social life as we dance all over the area.
Shakin' Stephen Shakin' Stephen
Rackaback Morris' mascot, he may look grossly under fed but he never misses a dance out! While he may look like a curtain pole studded with bottle caps, he is part of the band being a percussive shaking stick. When not playing he will usually be there guarding the sticks between dances. He was created by & is under the care of Pam.
Tessa Tessa

Other members include Alyson, Dee, Julie, Roanna